Our Mission

To provide a fun, safe and encouraging experience for children, family members and friends throughout the baseball season.

We want everyone involved with AMBA to have an exceptional year cheering on our youth and embracing the excitement the baseball year brings.

Our Children

Children need to be more active in this day and age of technology. Getting our children out on the field running, throwing, hitting and catching balls, builds hand-eye coordination, muscle development and social skills.

Coaches and teammates will work together to build on the skills that each player brings with them each and every season.

Our Team

AMBA is made up of great coaches, assistant coaches, umpires, volunteers, baseball players and the executive committee. All of our participants are dedicated to making the best of every season and look forward to improving on the last!

Executive Staff:

Andrew Willett - President and Treasurer 647-228-9870 president@angusminorbaseball.com

Andrew Reid - Vice-President vicepresident@angusminorbaseball.com

Heather Glover - Select Division Vice-President vpselect@angusminorbaseball.com

Donni Cormier - Advisor

Adam Collins - Equipment Manager equipment@angusminorbaseball.com 

James Sadlier - Assist Equipment Manager equipment@angusminorbaseball.com 

Ken Gaugh - Executive Helper

Mike Fanelli - AMBA Umpire In Chief  umpire@angusminorbaseball.com


T-Ball plays at Community Park – 6 Huron Street.
Jr Rookie and Sr Rookie play at Lion’s Park – 4 Park Road.
Tyke, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget play at Geddes Park – 147 Centre Street.

This is subject to change based on baseball diamond and Coach availability.

Reach out to us to become a part of our baseball team.

We'd love to have you as a part of our team.